DIY Tutorial: No-Sew Hammock (Dog Sweater Edition)


This tutorial is really for the very lazy, or for those without much crafting skills other than operating scissors and a hammer.  For that reason, I particularly enjoyed it 🙂


Step one:  Gather supplies and tools!

  • $5.00 dog sweater from Wal-Mart, size medium (Velcros shut)
  • Grommets
  • Scissors
  • Mallet



Step Two – attach the grommets (this is where you’ll need the scissors).   This is the finished front view of the sweater hammock.


This is the back view of the finished grommets in the sweater hammock.



Step Three – attach clips and hang.  Here I’ve shown two options – you can use shower curtain hooks directly in the grommets, or you can knot a loop of string and slide the shower hooks into those.

Tada!  Finished, easy, no-sew sweater hammock!  Of course, you could probably purchase enough fleece to make a few of these for the same price.  But I don’t have a sewing machine, or sewing skills, so I’d spend a lot of time and angst trying to to hand-sew a similar pattern; this no-sew hammock is a great option for people like me!


One thought on “DIY Tutorial: No-Sew Hammock (Dog Sweater Edition)

  1. This rocks! I’m horrible at sewing..I’m so so at crafting things.. haha. This is great I never thought of those little grommets, I bet if you take a piece of fleece you can achieve the same thing..or at least be able to make a corner hammock. I have chinchillas and I’ve been dying to add platforms and hammocks. I’d rather use the fleece to make hanging places then need to buy the untreated wood and have to drill 😀 I cant drill to save my life. I will also be adopting a rat that was abandoned in its cage on the trails here, so I want to spoil him dearly.

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