DIY Tutorial: Plastic Bucket Hideaway


This short tutorial will show how to create a hideaway for your pet rats from this plastic bucket from Dollar Tree.  Note – this tutorial is not recommended for children, or those inexperienced with cutting tools.  Cutting plastic is tricky!





Step two:  mark the entryway with the black sharpie.  Make it large enough that your rats can fit through comfortably.


Step three: carefully cut along the entryway with the x-acto knife.  Be very, very careful, and always cut away from yourself, not towards yourself.  Cutting through the plastic is tricky – the knife tends to go where it wants to, and moves rather unpredictably.  I had traced the shape of an arch, but as you can see in the photo below, I ended up with a not-symmetrical squarish shape. The slower you cut, the better.


Tada!  A finished hideaway for just $1.  You can put a few fleece scraps in the hideaway for added comfort.

If you want a similar product, but don’t feel comfortable cutting plastic or can’t find a good bucket, consider purchasing the pre-made Super Pet Igloo Hideout (available at Petsmart, Amazon, etc., for under $10).  My rats have one of these and like it very well.  My only complaint with the igloo is that it is pretty transparent, and I prefer to provide something a little darker for the rat’s sleeping time.


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