Tutorial: Cardboard Food Puzzle


This tutorial is pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t bother typing a bunch of words unless someone gets stuck – if you do get stuck, just let me know!  One thing I will say is that after you’ve added the treats, don’t be shy about adding more cardboard strips – really jam them on!  The more you can add, the harder it will be for your rats to get it open.

My ratties love tearing these treat puzzles apart.  I like to throw one or two in when I leave for work.  Even though the puzzles will be destroyed in just a few minutes, it’s something to keep them busy and mentally stimulated.



Tutorial: No-Sew Blankie


So, I know there are a lot of good tutorials on how to create a no-sew fringe blankie.  To make this tutorial a little different from those, I am incorporating the no-sew blankie into a coated wire basket that can be fastened to the side of your rat cage.  My rats go nuts for these fringe blankies – they love to untie the knots or chew them off.  It’s a little bit infuriating, but because the blankets are so easy to make, I don’t really mind!
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