Tutorial: No-Sew Blankie


So, I know there are a lot of good tutorials on how to create a no-sew fringe blankie.  To make this tutorial a little different from those, I am incorporating the no-sew blankie into a coated wire basket that can be fastened to the side of your rat cage.  My rats go nuts for these fringe blankies – they love to untie the knots or chew them off.  It’s a little bit infuriating, but because the blankets are so easy to make, I don’t really mind!


Step one:  determine the finished size of your blankie.  In this example, I cut a rectangle from an old (clean) placemat to fit inside the wire basket.  The placemat will serve as the template, but will also be used to provide a little stability for the rats when they climb into the basket.


Step two: measure and cut the fleece.  You’ll need two layers of fleece; having different colors will help later when you are tying the knots.  The measurement here doesn’t have to be exact, but you want about three inches of extra material on each side of the pattern.


Step three: cut away each corner of the fleece.


Step four:  cut strips along each of the four sides of the blankie.  I’ve kept the pattern on top of the fleece layers to make sure I didn’t cut too far in.  The strips should be about 1/2″ thick.  Any thicker, and they’ll be hard to tie – any thinner, and you’ll be tying knots for days.


Step five:  tie the strips into knots – double knots will hold up best in the washing machine or against rats who want to chew the knots away.


Tada!  Finished blanket, front and back side.  My ratties absolutely love these things, especially chewing away at the knots.  Enjoy!


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