Tutorial: Double Layer Shelf Liners

This isn’t truly a full-blown tutorial, but rather a modification of my previous tutorial on how to create no-sew liners. Since that earlier blog post, I’ve heard from several sources that an even better type of fleece liner is one that is a double layer – fleece on top and towels on the bottom. The fleece layer wicks any moisture (urine or spilt water), and the towel layer absorbs it.

Picture2 Step one: towels. All you need is a few towels to put under your fleece liners. I got mine from the dollar store; thrift stores are another wonderful place to find inexpensive towels. For a smaller tray, you’ll probably only need one towel as pictured here.

For larger trays, you may need multiple towels. Or bigger towels!

Step two: fold the fleece under the bottom of the tray and pin as shown.


Tada! You’re finished. While this does create some extra laundry, it will help prevent odors and keep the liners more sanitary for your rats


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