Tutorial: Cardboard Treat Variation



This quick tutorial will show you a variation on the standard cardboard treat puzzle (see original tutorial here). You’re basically making the same puzzle, but suspending it vertically in the cage with a strip of fleece. When done just right, this simple variation will cause your rats extra enjoyment as they figure out how to climb, reach, or even jump to get the tempting treats.
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Tutorial: Reinforced Beanie Snuggle


Hi there! 

This tutorial will show how to create a reinforced beanie snuggle spot for your rats.  Of course, you don’t have to reinforce the beanie to make the hat enjoyable; most rats are happy snoozing in anything soft and warm.  The reinforcement is nice because it provides a little structure and I find my boys are less prone to…”redesigning” their own spyholes or windows if I provide a few.
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