Tutorial: Cardboard Treat Variation



This quick tutorial will show you a variation on the standard cardboard treat puzzle (see original tutorial here). You’re basically making the same puzzle, but suspending it vertically in the cage with a strip of fleece. When done just right, this simple variation will cause your rats extra enjoyment as they figure out how to climb, reach, or even jump to get the tempting treats.



  • Cardboard tube, cut into circles
  • 2 strips of fleece (about 1” wide, your choice in length)
  • Treats for stuffing in the tube


 Step two: string two cardboard circles onto a length of fleece and tie as shown. 


Step three: tie the second piece of fleece to one of the already tied cardboard circles. Begin adding cardboard circles to create a ball shape – don’t be afraid to really jam them on! When you have a pretty good ball formed, push a few pieces of yummy treats inside the balls. Finish by adding as many cardboard circles as you can.

Some food suggestions are dried banana slices, oats, or whole wheat pasta. If you use fresh fruits or vegetables, keep an eye on the puzzle – if it isn’t eaten right away, make sure to toss it before the food spoils.


Tada! Hang your finished cardboard treat puzzle by fastening somewhere in the cage that is reachable, but not too easy… the challenge is half the fun!


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