Tutorial: Treat Ball



This tutorial creates a quick, easy, and inexpensive treat puzzle for your pet rats.  Your rats will have a challenging experience as they try to extract paper-wrapped treats from the small holes in the hanging whiffle ball – an activity that will stimulate your rats physically and mentally as they engage in natural foraging behavior.


Step one – supplies:

  • Plastic whiffle ball ($1-5)
  • Dry treats (pasta, oats, kibble, etc.)
  • Paper towels
  • Length of rope or cord


Step two:   cut a piece of string to the length desired.  It’s better to start with a longer piece and tie it shorter if necessary.  Loop the string through the whiffle ball holes and tie a knot on the end.


Step three:  Wrap a number of tasty treats in strips of paper towel as shown.  You could throw in a few unwrapped as well, just to get them used to the idea.  Raw fruits and vegetables would probably also work, but you’d want to keep an eye on the treat and make sure nothing spoils.


Step four: stuff the wrapped treats through the whiffle ball holes until the treat ball is full.  I also stuffed extra strips of paper towel, since it is a great material to supplement nests.


Finished – hang and enjoy!  For the first time you give your rats this puzzle, you might hang it fairly low in the cage so they get the idea.  Later on, you can make it more challenging and fun.  Here Newman and Santino are wondering how they are going to access those yummy treats!



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