Tutorial: Hanging Cork Chew Toy


Hi!  This quick tutorial shows how to create a hanging wine cork chew toy for your pet rats.

Wine corks are formed from a single piece of tree bark in a very sanitary manner; since they come into contact with human food, they contain no toxic glues or dyes and provide a safe and fun chewing toy for your rats.

Here’s a very informative explanation of how wine corks are made:  http://www.wineanorak.com/corks/howcorkismade.htm


Step one – supplies and tools:

All you really need is a few corks, a length of cord or rope, and a drill.   You can buy corks from craft stores, but I prefer to use actual wine corks for my rats – I think the residual flavor from the wine makes the toy more exciting!

Drill holes in the corks, just big enough to thread the cord.


Step two – string the cord, then hang and enjoy!  Very simple!

Of course, if you’re in a hurry or don’t have a drill, there’s no need to hang the corks.  You could throw them in the cage and your rats would be happy to chew them up regardless.


Here’s a picture of Lewis investigating the new addition to his environment.


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