Tutorial: Puppy Pad Liners



This quick example is not really a tutorial, but shows how to use puppy pads as an additional liner in your pet rat cages.

When coupled with fleece liners, puppy pads provide an additional layer of absorbency and help to reduce odors.  You can buy a pack of five from most dollar stores; or, you can purchase liners in bulk from most pet stores.

Please note that if your rats are chewers, liners may not be a good idea. Please be sure to read my post on the potential hazards of puppy pad liners.


To use the puppy pads, simply place the pad on your shelf.


Flip the shelf and pin the fleece in place (tutorial for fleece shelf liners here).


Tada!  Here’s the finished liner!  The first few times you use these pads, keep an eye on your ratties for any chewing, as you don’t want them ingesting or inhaling the absorbent polymers in the liner.


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