Fun Accessory: Little Blue House


Well, I can’t really justify this post as a tutorial!  I just wanted to share this cute toy I found at the thrift store the other day wandering through the children’s section.  This little house makes a great rat accessory because it is solid plastic, easy to clean, and has no sharp edges.  It’s also the perfect size for a rattie to curl up and take a snooze inside.  There’s also a chimney on top, which allows a second point of access or spying.

R&S 081

In this picture, I took an old plastic tray we had lying around from the grocery store and filled it with care fresh bedding to make the blue house a little cozier.  If you do this, be prepared for a big mess as the ratties love to fling bedding all over the place!


Pictured here is Lewis, one of my full-grown (oversize) rattie boys.  He’s about 1.25 pounds (or 540g).  He’s big!  He makes the house look tiny!


Pictured here is Newman, one of the younger boys who has some growing to do.

So, keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to try new things for your rats!  They love climbing, hiding, digging, chewing, snoozing, and using their brains – keeping your ratties stimulated in an ever-changing environment is an important part of providing them the best life they can have.


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