Over the Rainbow Bridge: Huey

I recently lost a pet rat to pneumonia, the first time I’ve had one of the little ratties pass on.  Let me tell you, it was awfully hard to see him go.  This post is his memorial.

Huey: 2011 – 7/15/2014

When I first met Huey, I didn’t really like him.  He came into my life as a full-grown male, formerly a classroom pet; back then he was known as “Alfredo”.  As a new rat owner, I didn’t know what to make of his big, bulky white body, his pinkish red eyes, and long, skinny tail.  I rather meanly thought he did resemble a big blob of alfredo pasta.

Huey, however, had no such prejudice against me.  He was a great rat, and quickly won me over.

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