Product Review: Super Pet Waffle Block House for Pets


Hello! As fun as DIY rattie projects are, there are also many great enrichment items available for purchase. From time to time I’ll be reviewing and rating items that have come and gone through my rat pack to help you find the best products out there!

Product Review: Super Pet Waffle Block House for Pets $13-17
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New Beginnings

When I started this blog, I had just adopted two sweet male rats. Well, I didn’t know what I was getting into, but quickly fell in love with their unique personalities and habits. I used to consider myself a “cat person” – now, I’m definitely a “rat person!”

When Huey passed away, and I eventually found myself ratless as the others in my pack aged, I no longer had the heart to keep the blog going (although we worked on many posts and tutorials that you will see in the coming days). I decided to never own rats again – the pain of their passing was too strong, and I couldn’t imagine going through that again every two or three years (rats are definitely not with us long enough).

But as the “rat room” sat empty, a place in my heart was empty as well.  Rats are among the smartest, sweetest, and most interesting pets I’ve ever encountered, and somehow my life does not feel complete without them.

So instead of owning my own rats, I’ve decided to foster rats through a local rat rescue. This means I get to play with, socialize, and care for a steady stream of rats at all times! This also means I have a new wave of blog posts and tutorials to share with you in the coming weeks that will feature whatever adorable fosters are presently in my care.

Foster Boys

(Pictured here are my first two foster boys, Gus and Henry!)

Thank you for bearing with me through the healing process and may your mischief always be well!