Product Review: Super Pet Waffle Block House for Pets


Hello! As fun as DIY rattie projects are, there are also many great enrichment items available for purchase. From time to time I’ll be reviewing and rating items that have come and gone through my rat pack to help you find the best products out there!

Product Review: Super Pet Waffle Block House for Pets $13-17


This block house (or “castle” as we call it) measures 11.2 x 2.2 x 7.4 inches. The interlocking pieces are made of lightweight, transparent plastic that comes in a combination of colors (blue, purple, yellow, red, green). You get a ceiling and four walls, one with an entrance. There is no floor to this unit.

Safety:  ★★★★★

This item is the epitome of safe. There are no sharp edges or moving parts; no unidentified chemicals; no dust or unknown wood types; and the castle is very sturdy.

Durability:  ★★★★★

I’ve owned a block house for about two and a half years and the durability is impressive, considering it was used when I got it!  The house rotates between all my rattie boys, and sees a lot of use. The material seems pretty chew-resistant, as there are only a few chew marks by the front entrance. One of the panels does have a large crack – this is due to me tapping the panel on concrete after washing to shake off extra water droplets (bad idea).

Ease of cleaning:   ★★★★★

Very easy to clean! The interlocking sections make it very easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. I wash mine in warm, soapy water using a toothbrush to reach between the interlocking grids, rinse with clean water, and let it air dry. You can also wipe down the surface with a damp paper towel between cleanings.

Why I like this product

I love this product because my rats love it! It’s large enough to accommodate several ratties, and makes a great sleeping hideout. Unlike other sleeping places, if you need to grab an unwilling rat from inside, you can remove one of the sides to pull him out. Because there is no floor, I typically put a small tray (cardboard or plastic) under the block house and fill with a few handfuls of bedding or squares of fleece material.

You can also position the block house in other ways – such as putting the entrance on top with one side removed:


Because my rats seem to prefer sleeping in dark places, I sewed a cover to block the transparency of the plastic (pictured below). Doing so would allow you to customize the color scheme if desired, since the block house only comes in one set of colors. As you can see, the cover is very ragged and hasn’t lasted nearly as long as the house!


Well, I hope you enjoyed my first product review!  Disclaimer:  please note that I’m not affiliated with any product vendor or manufacturer, and I don’t receive any compensation related to posts on this blog from anyone.


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