Rat Cage Accessory Roundup #4

Roundup 4 Cover Image

Hello! This post outlines five accessory ideas for your ratties’ enjoyment. These ordinary items are inexpensive, pretty easily cleaned, and will hopefully inspire you to find or make some great enrichment toys for your pet rats!

1. Plastic Inbox – $1-5

Intended for organization desks at home or the office, plastic inboxes also make great rat cage accessories. In these examples, I’ve filled the inbox with Carefresh bedding and fleece scraps. You can leave the inbox on the floor of the cage, or fasten to the walls or hang it from the ceiling to create additional levels for your rats to explore.  Zip ties work well for securing things to the side of your cage, or you can try shower clips to hang the inbox.

Because the inbox sides are shallow, expect your rats to make a big mess throwing the fleece and bedding everywhere.  If they do make a mess, don’t get mad – that’s half of the fun!  I find my inboxes at thrift stores to save money, since the rats will inevitably chew on the inbox and it will have to be tossed if the edges becomes sharp or unsafe.

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