Rat Cage Accessory Roundup #4

Roundup 4 Cover Image

Hello! This post outlines five accessory ideas for your ratties’ enjoyment. These ordinary items are inexpensive, pretty easily cleaned, and will hopefully inspire you to find or make some great enrichment toys for your pet rats!

1. Plastic Inbox – $1-5

Intended for organization desks at home or the office, plastic inboxes also make great rat cage accessories. In these examples, I’ve filled the inbox with Carefresh bedding and fleece scraps. You can leave the inbox on the floor of the cage, or fasten to the walls or hang it from the ceiling to create additional levels for your rats to explore.  Zip ties work well for securing things to the side of your cage, or you can try shower clips to hang the inbox.

Because the inbox sides are shallow, expect your rats to make a big mess throwing the fleece and bedding everywhere.  If they do make a mess, don’t get mad – that’s half of the fun!  I find my inboxes at thrift stores to save money, since the rats will inevitably chew on the inbox and it will have to be tossed if the edges becomes sharp or unsafe.


2. Foam Bag – free

Another free giveaway, this foam bag was a free and entertaining accessory in my cage for a very brief time. The rats chewed it to pieces in just a matter of hours! Nevertheless, you may find something similar that could be a good place for your rats to snooze or nest.  In this example, I added one eyelet that I used to fasten the bag to the side of the cage with a clip.


3. Corner Shower Basket

Plastic accessories are good for rats because they are easily cleaned. This corner shower basket was purchased from Wal-Mart for about $5.00. I removed the suction cups that the basket came with and use zip ties to fasten the basket into a corner in the rat cage. You can fill the basket with fleece scraps or bedding to make it a cozy snuggle spot.


4. Dollar store baskets

The Dollar Store near my house currently has these great baskets in a bunch of different colors. Using scissors, I carefully cut rat-sized entrances and exits into the baskets (making sure the edges were very smooth). You can hang the basket right-side-up in your rat’s home, or you can place the basket up-side down on the floor.  I usually add a big piece of fleece material to make the baskets inviting and help absorb any urine.


5. Fun Tunnel – $9.00

The fun tunnel is a good accessory because it is so versatile. You can pull the tube long or squeeze it short. It can be bent into a u-shape, s-shape, at a right angle, or spiraled. You can tie the tunnel to the side or ceiling of your cage to provide access to other levels or items, or leave it on the floor. It’s loads of fun!   The only downside is that this accessory is a little hard to clean due to all the crevices. I typically fill a bathtub with soapy water and submerge the tunnel for a little while, rinsing thoroughly to ensure all the suds are washed away.

I’m onto my second tunnel, as my rats eventually chewed through the first one (it did last for about 18 months though).


This concludes the latest roundup post. Hopefully you are finding yourself inspired to find or make some new accessories for your mischief members. For more accessory ideas, don’t forget to view my other roundup posts at the links below:

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