Cute T-Shirt Opportunity – Support Rat Rescue and Adoption!


Hey, everybody!  For a limited time, you have the opportunity to support a fabulous local non-profit organization by purchasing an adorable t-shirt (or hoodie, or long-sleeved shirt).  Orders close October 28, 2015!

About the organization…

A portion of each shirt purchase will be donated to the Rattie Ratz organization.

Founded in 1998, Rattie Ratz is a California Bay Area non-profit rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming domestic pet rats.  Although this organization is tiny (powered by a dedicated team of volunteers and an annual operating budget of approximately $20,000), Rattie Ratz produces impressive numbers, placing between 250-350 rats in forever homes each year.

Rattie Ratz volunteers are also active in the community and can be found at local animal adoption events with informative handouts, warm volunteers, and of course – adorable, adoptable rats!

About the shirts…

You get to choose from four different styles, including unisex, ladies, long sleeve, or a sweatshirt; prices range from $19.95 to $34.95 (plus shipping).   With autumn heading our way, I decided to get the cozy, long-sleeve shirt pictured below.


The front of the shirts has a cute “I support rat rescue and adoption” logo, and the back is plain (close-up of the logo below):


This order of shirts is guaranteed to print! Orders will arrive approximately 14 business days after the fund ends on October 28, 2015.

Limited time…!

Remember, the fundraiser closes on October 28, 2015.  Click here to get your t-shirt today!



DIY Tutorial: Plastic Canvas Tunnel


This tutorial describes how to create an easy, inexpensive plastic canvas tunnel for your rats. These tunnels are quick and fun to make, but haven’t lasted very long – my rats go nuts chewing these into tiny pieces.


Supplies and tools:

  • Plastic canvas sheet (mine were from Joann Fabric for less than one dollar)
  • Yarn, 36”
  • Canvass needle
  • Scissors
  • Binder clip

In this tutorial, I’m using a 10.5” x 13.5” rectangle of plastic canvas. You can use any type of yarn or cording, and any needle large enough to accommodate the yarn. A small pack of canvas needles can usually be purchased for under $1.00.


Step one: Fix the binder clip.  I’m using a binder clip to hold the canvas in the shape of a tunnel, opposite of the end I’ll be stitching. A rubber band would also work well.


Step two: Make large, bulky knot at the end of your yarn and complete the first stitch as shown.


Continue stitching down the length of the canvass. You don’t have to use the same stitch pattern that I’m using (four down, three across); feel free to do a straight stich, or any pattern that works!


Step three: Create a final knot to secure the yarn and trim any extra from the end.


Tada! Completed tunnel. You can place this on the floor in your rat cage, or fix to the top or sides. I’ve used plastic zip ties, and also metal shower hooks as shown in the picture above.

DIY Tutorial: Dog Toy Treat Puzzle

Picture1Rats are very clever. They’re also very persistent – particularly where food is involved! Giving your rats puzzles helps engage their natural problem-solving abilities and keep them mentally stimulated. This treat puzzle is easy to create and fun for your rats to solve.


  • Hol-ee Roller” dog toy or similar (about $6.00 on Amazon)
  • Strips of fleece material
  • Treats


Begin by stuffing a few strips of fleece material into the toy.


Stuff some treats into the toy. In this example, I’m using plain kibble. You’ll probably want to use something more exciting like nuts, seeds, oats, dry pasta, or maybe even yogurt treats!


Add a few more fleece strips to make sure the treats won’t just fall out on their own and you’re finished! Your rats will have fun rolling the ball around, trying to tear the fleece strips out of the toy, and maybe even taking a shortcut by chewing through the rubber to get to the treats.


DIY Tutorial: Shelf Pan For Your Rat Cage

Cover PIc

Shelf pans are a good option if you want to give your rats substrate materials to dig around in instead of fleece-lined shelves. Of course, there are some really good pans on the market, but they tend to be expensive.

The custom shelf pan shown here is affordable, quick, and easy to custom fit to your cage. I fit mine to the dimensions of a critter nation shelf, but you can make any size. Continue reading