DIY Tutorial: Plastic Canvas Tunnel


This tutorial describes how to create an easy, inexpensive plastic canvas tunnel for your rats. These tunnels are quick and fun to make, but haven’t lasted very long – my rats go nuts chewing these into tiny pieces.


Supplies and tools:

  • Plastic canvas sheet (mine were from Joann Fabric for less than one dollar)
  • Yarn, 36”
  • Canvass needle
  • Scissors
  • Binder clip

In this tutorial, I’m using a 10.5” x 13.5” rectangle of plastic canvas. You can use any type of yarn or cording, and any needle large enough to accommodate the yarn. A small pack of canvas needles can usually be purchased for under $1.00.


Step one: Fix the binder clip.  I’m using a binder clip to hold the canvas in the shape of a tunnel, opposite of the end I’ll be stitching. A rubber band would also work well.


Step two: Make large, bulky knot at the end of your yarn and complete the first stitch as shown.


Continue stitching down the length of the canvass. You don’t have to use the same stitch pattern that I’m using (four down, three across); feel free to do a straight stich, or any pattern that works!


Step three: Create a final knot to secure the yarn and trim any extra from the end.


Tada! Completed tunnel. You can place this on the floor in your rat cage, or fix to the top or sides. I’ve used plastic zip ties, and also metal shower hooks as shown in the picture above.


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