Tutorial: Place-mat Shelf Liners


Some rat cages and accessories are made from wire.  While this material isn’t inherently dangerous for your rats, did you know there are some things you should be aware of?

First, if too much of the walking area of the cage is made from wire, your rats may be susceptible to a painful condition known as “bumblefoot”, where their feet become infected and swollen.  Second, if the spacing of the wire is too far apart, it’s possible for your rats’ legs to slip and get stuck between the wires, leading to broken legs or feet.

Both of these concerns are easily preventable by covering some of the wire walking areas with a sturdy material (and all areas where wire spacing is a concern).

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Tutorial: No-Sew Felt Hammock


Today you’ll learn how to make hanging hammocks for your pet rats using rectangles of felt material.  These hammocks are simple to make, inexpensive, and fairly durable. Best of all, no sewing is required!

If you have rats that don’t really enjoy hammocks, you may want to give these a try – the felt provides a firmer, more supportive surface than other hammock materials.  My two boys who have no interest in traditional fleece hammocks (which are very saggy under the rats’ weight) like these very much.

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